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Day 157: Shopping Adventure

Day 157:  Shopping Adventure

Since I made the decision to take my next apartment and make it a “home”, I found myself Sunday doing something I’ve never done on my own.

I went on a shopping adventure for home decor.

Through some other conversations in the last week, I discovered that Batesville, Arkansas…the home of racing legend Mark Martin…was only two hours away.  I thought that I might be able to find something cool and unique that I could put in my “man cave” in the new apartment.  (I.E. the room where my drum set is going to be.)

Well, I visited half a dozen flea markets and antique stores.  I made some interesting discoveries.  I also snapped some pictures, which I’ll throw in as we go.

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Day 156: Entourage

Started as a BAD day today.

Had to spend more than I planned for an oil change…twice as much…because the coupon didn’t fit the oil I need for my car.

Then out of nowhere, I had the thought pop in my head to go see the Entourage movie.

I don’t usually go to the movies where the kids aren’t involved.

I really enjoyed it.

At least the day ended better than it could have been.

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Day 155: Insults hurt

Woke up to a very insulting email.

People, seriously, think about what you send to someone BEFORE you send it in anger.

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Day 154: Fleur-De-Lis

Day 154: Fleur-De-Lis

I’ve decided that my new apartment, my new home, will be decorated with a fleur-de-lis theme.

I found out about a year ago that the symbol represents the trinity.

I always liked it, now I have a meaning behind it.


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Day 153: The Strength of a woman

I interviewed a woman today who has been walking with Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of an American pastor imprisoned in Iran because he’s a Christian.

She spoke of the strength that she gets from seeing Naghmeh advocating for her husband while she also takes care of her kids.

I can’t imagine the strength is takes Tiffany to be there as Naghmeh goes through it.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how the rest of the world impacts people who live right here.

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Day 152: The delayed answer

Day 152:  The delayed answer

You know, I think it’s easier when God says no than when He takes his grand old time waiting to answer a prayer.

It’s no secret I have a lot of issues I’m praying on right now.  Today, I kind of one had one issue get a little more firmed up in the direction I think it’s going to go but it wasn’t anything conclusive or something where I have enough peace to say “ok, that’s where God is moving.”

We want that fast yes or no.  I know I do.

For now, just buckle down and focus on moving in 10 days.

And praying to find a roll top office desk that you can work at with a laptop computer that I can afford for the new place.  (I just like roll top desks.  I always have.  And not the “S” rolls…the ones like in the picture for this post where they roll down like the edge of a barrel…)


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Day 151: A new plan

Day 151: A new plan

I have been thinking that part of my problems with depression could be the fact that I, well, have very little.

It’s not that I’m getting materialistic all of a sudden.  I’m just realizing that bare walls, one chair, one beanbag and a couch doesn’t a home make.

And that’s why perhaps I never feel “at home” even when I’m at home.  It’s still very…sterile.

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