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Day 85: Anti-Christian Hate on Display

Day 85:  Anti-Christian Hate on Display

Another interesting day at work as I had to report stories of bigots on the attack.

Hearing lies and distortions and flat out garbage spewing from the mouths of bigots gets tiring after a while.

I’m referring to the bigots who are attacking the governor of Indiana and people of faith for a law that protects the right of people of faith not to be forced to violate their faith.

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Day 84: Bergdahl Christians

Day 84: Bergdahl Christians

If you live under a rock, perhaps you didn’t know today the Army charged the guy who deserted his unit in Afghanistan and then had the President give up five terrorists to get him back with desertion.

In other words, they finally did what everyone knew they had to do.

The man abandoned his assignment from his commander and it had a negative impact on all of those around him.  It ended up having a negative impact on the nation, as five terrorists bent on killing Americans were set free.

And it got me thinking.

How many Christians are like Bowe Bergdahl in abandoning their call to follow Christ?

It’s a lot easier to just line up and say abortion is ok, gay marriage is ok, getting drunk all the time is ok, running around on your spouse is ok, etc. than it is to stand up and say those things are wrong.

Just express a view against those things on the internet and see how quickly you get attacked. ;)

I think if we were to investigate desertion charges in God’s Army…we’d have more cases than we would be able to handle.

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Day 83: Death From The Sky

Day 83: Death From The Sky

Some days work, while a blessing, is hard.

Today was one of those days.

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Day 82: A Little Sparkly Bible

Day 82: A Little Sparkly Bible

Sometimes it’s the smallest gifts that carry a big impact.

As I wrote yesterday, my girlfriend’s daughter accepted Christ yesterday.

So today, I wanted to do something nice for her.

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Day 81: Salvation

Day 81:  Salvation

Today, my girlfriend Carey’s daughter accepted Christ into her heart.

This is the best post I’ve made so far this year.

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Day 80: Road Trip

Day 80:  Road Trip

Road trip today.

A chance to get away, pray, clear the head.

A chance to experience new things.

And God never disappoints.

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Day 79: Churches Kill Most Evangelists

Day 79:  Churches Kill Most Evangelists

I was doing some light reading in Lamentations today when I had a thought hit me out of the blue.

So I scrambled over to the various verses related to spiritual gifts.

Sure enough, what came to my mind was verified in the Word.

And suddenly I felt a peace over some of my discontent…and also more discontent overall.

What’s the issue?

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